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I despise filling empty space with meaningless words. Not all moments in silence are “awkward” or need to be broken with noise. Embrace a moment without feeling the need to speak.

A Dimly Lit Room

I was in my regular booth, cigarette lit in one hand and a scotch on the rocks in the other.  It’s a dimly lit cafe, with only the little stage being noticeable.  And on that little stage was a gorgeous woman singing a nice little tin-tone.  Her voice was something else.  Misplaced in this pit … More A Dimly Lit Room

A Discussion on Marvel’s Civil War and Infinity Gauntlet.

Mr. Errelevent and I had a little discussion on some of the major Marvel Events that have been going on in the comics. It is not an in depth analysis on what they are about. We are just chatting about the overall Marvel Events and which are relevant in regards to the movies for Phase … More A Discussion on Marvel’s Civil War and Infinity Gauntlet.

Test (May 7, 2012)

This is to keep in touch with the blog.  I need to keep updating as much as possible to keep the ball rolling.  I feel that this blog can be special.  Just need to keep shaking the tree to see if something falls out… End Test