A Discussion on Marvel’s Civil War and Infinity Gauntlet.

Mr. Errelevent and I had a little discussion on some of the major Marvel Events that have been going on in the comics. It is not an in depth analysis on what they are about. We are just chatting about the overall Marvel Events and which are relevant in regards to the movies for Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic universe.

The Discussion:

He has just gotten his copy of Marvel’s Civil War and just sent the picture to me.

Mr. Errelevent: This is a seven series event?

Me (thelaughingwiseman): Nice. Well it’s considered a Marvel Event. That’s when multiple heroes from different comic series come together for a specific event. Civil War in particular has seven issues dedicated to it, alone.

Mr. Errelevent: Is there more to the issues? Is this all? (Shows me the Civil War book)

Me: No. There are other comics that center around this Marvel event. Usually it comes from the characters that are taking part of the event. So, there are issues of Spiderman, Iron man, Captain America (and the many others in the event) centered on this particular event.

I consider Civil War to be a two-part event. Civil War is the first part while the Death of Captain America is considered the second part.

Mr. Errelevent: When are the rest of the issues coming out (in regards to Civil War)?

Sidenote: I confused him with my explanation. He thought I meant that there were more issues of Civil War and that the book he had just gotten was Issue one. I tried to correct my mistake, telling him that all the issues are in that book. We moved our discussion to the more prominent Marvel events (Specifically Infinity Gauntlet and the current Secret Wars).

Mr. Errelevent: So which [event] is the movie based off of?

Me: The new [Captain America] movie is based off of the Civil War event. The Infinity Wars movies are going to be based off of the comic events of the same name; namely Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Wars.

Mr. Errelevent: Which is the most recent Marvel Event?

Me: Secret Wars is the most recent Marvel event.

Mr. Errelevent: Damn. There have so many wars. And are they all connected?

Me: No. Not really. These events in particular (Civil War, Infinity Wars, and the latest Secret Wars) are not really related. Civil War is about super-human registration, Infinity Wars is about Thanos (which is pretty badass), and Secret Wars is about the collapse of all the Marvel Universe as we know it.

Mr. Errelevent: … So we have to get those comics too then!

Me: Not necessarily. The movies are most likely to create a different story with some crucial elements taken from the comics of the same (or similar names). There is just too much information and too many characters to try and make the movies feasible.

Mr. Errelevent: (laughing) It doesn’t matter, man. I just want those to get a better understanding of what’s going on with the movies. So, we need to get the 2nd part of Civil War (Death of Captain America), the Infinity Gauntlet, and Secret Wars (when it fully comes out).

Me: Yup!

Discussion ends


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