Sports that’d be fun to see with different rules

The main focus of this post would be about the sport soccer.  It is basically the universal sport of the world.  Everyone can play it and it is cheap to get equipment to play.  There are no international teams that are always constant contenders.  What you need to play the game is a ball and two objects acting as post that you are trying to kick the ball in to.  However, you can not use the hands, only the person that is designated by the team as Goaly can use his hands, only to stop the ball from going into their post.

The players play at such a fast pace that just one ball isn’t enough to hold all the awesomeness of the game.  Adding another ball would make the game way more chaotic and very interesting to watch.

It would make coaches think very critically of how to take control of the balls and make enough points to be the other team.  It would drastically increase the scoring in this game, making it exciting to watch.  Even defenses would be more important than what they are now;  Instead of standing around most of the game, they would be focused and constantly participating because one or both balls would cross the half way point and they would have to keep defending.

My favorite part to this idea would be that the soccer players would stop trying to get fouls called in their favor or flop for control of the time because more than one ball is moving and they are going to have to get back to the respect spots.

Well, I can’t think of anything more that would make soccer more fun to watch.  If you have any ideas on how to make soccer more enjoyable to watch (play) or another sport to discuss, write to me at or leave a comment down below.


One thought on “Sports that’d be fun to see with different rules

  1. First!

    Adding another ball in soccer? Hmm…I played soccer, and it was exhausting enough with one ball lol. Two would be very entertaining to watch though. I could just see players zipping offense to defense, falling a lot, and more flopping x_x

    I think they should have a player for each team who’s NOT allowed to touch the ball…period. Hitting him with the ball is considered a point O_o

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