Introduction from the Creator

Hello! I am laughingwiseman. This a blog about anything and everything. My topics range from sports, video games, comics, movies, science, conspiracies etc. Share your thoughts on topics and I would most likely try to respond. Simple Introduction. I’m no Ace when it comes to writing and grammar, but I am a master craftsmen when it comes to creativity.

I am here to hold discussions about anything.  My main goal is to understand the world around me, as well as the world within me.  I am eager to learn.  This is just one of my many steps to reach my goal.  I feel that the web is the most efficient medium to give and receive intellect.


2 thoughts on “Introduction from the Creator

  1. *walks in, looks around.*

    Sorry, stumbled in and had to do it. So…what up? I guess. I wish I could say something to make this comment worth reading…

  2. Thank you a lot. I totally got lost with school. I have recently rediscovered this and I am going to keep updating it. I just need to get better at it.

    I think it’s going to be tough and fun coming up with ways to get this site exposure and hopefully it blossoms into something great.

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